Water and shore. The soft lines of the hills and the traces of human intervention, marking and transforming natural geometries

L’acqua e la riva. La linea morbida delle colline e le tracce dell’antropizzazione che segna e trasforma le geometrie naturali


Women, men, crafts, ideas. Faces and stories of who draws the river, taming the watercourse, working the land and changing the landscape

Le donne, gli uomini, i mestieri, le idee. Volti e storie di chi attinge al fiume, addomesticando l’acqua, lavorando la terra e modificando il paesaggio


Gestures and daily choreography ritualized along the banks: the river as an inspiration, as a place of imagination and theater of a collective memory

Gesti e coreografie del quotidiano ritualizzati lungo le rive: il fiume come ispirazione, come luogo dell’immaginario e come teatro della memoria collettiva

November 4, 1966: after two days of intense rainfall THE ARNO RIVER overflows it's banks and at 5.30 a.m. it floods Florence. 250 milioni cubic meters of water inundate one of the world's beloved cities, and take away 34 human lives and the roof of thirteen thousand families. Dragging cars, goods, animals from their stalls, and mannquind form shopsContinue Reading